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Taxation Skills

This course is designed to provide learners with a basic knowledge of the Irish Taxation System, and a practical knowledge of the working of Income Tax, and VAT.

Course Content


  • knowledge of administration of Income Tax and VAT
  • Complete Income Tax forms
  • Complete VAT 3 and annual VAT returns
  • Explain the PAYE system & Self Assessment system
  • Introduction to Corporation Tax
  • Introduction to Capital Gains Tax
  • Introduction to Relevant Contracts Tax

Income Tax & PAYE

  • Knowledge of Tax Credits, reliefs, deductions, cut off points & benefits in kind.
  • Calculate employees tax computations
  • Calculate self-employed computations
  • Calculate Rental Income
  • Gain knowledge of adjusting profits and capital allowances
  • Tax due and payment dates
  • Calculate PRSI for employees and self-employed
  • Redundancy Payments
  • Taxation of Illness and Maternity Benefit


  • Administration of Value Added Tax
  • VAT registration
  • Accruals & Cash Receipt basis of VAT
  • Treatment of bad debts

In order to obtain certification it is necessary to undertake an examination on the final evening of the course. The duration of this is 2 hours and will assess the learning outcomes of the course.

An additional assessment will be undertaken as a project/case study which can be completed at home and must be submitted at the end of the course.

All learners registering on this course must have access to the internet.

Upon successful completion of this course learners will be awarded QQI Certificate Level 5, component module 5N1421.

For further information download this file:
Taxation Skills Award 5N1421

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