Introduction to VAT

Online course delivered over 2 x 2 -hour sessions

Dates: Over 2 mornings  16th & 18th November

10.00 am – 12.00pm

This interactive course will give you an overview on how the Irish VAT systems operates. It will  guide you through the process of preparing & fling your VAT return and the correct accounting treatment of VAT.  The course will demonstrate how to set up your vat rates correctly in your accounting software, record domestic transactions & complete returns.


Complete your Income Tax return

Online course delivered  over 4 sessions

Dates: Tuesdays & Fridays 28th September, 1st , 5th & 8th October 2021

Time:10.00 am – 12.00pm

This interactive course will guide you through the entire process of preparing and filing your income tax return . It will  provide you with advice and tips on how to keep proper books of accounts. 

The course will equip you with a process to file your income tax returns which will assist you  year after year.


ROS - Revenue online services

Online course delivered over 2.5 hours

Friday 17th September 10.00am – 12.30 pm

This interactive course is ideal for anyone  who is currently registered or plan to register with ROS. Or for anyone who has the responsibility for communicating with Revenue on ROS.

Participants will benefit from live demonstrations on how to register for taxes, file returns, make payments and communicate with Revenue . 

One to one online training

In our experience, one to one training tends to be the best method of training as it is completely tailored to the needs and requirements of each specific business.

One to one support

If you have a specific accounts or payroll software related query we can offer advice, support and solutions.This can be delivered via online zoom meeting .

Online courses in Taxation & Accounts

Guiding you through the process of completing tax returns and preparing accounts